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Christmas 2007 was special for us in many ways — Ed and i were married that year, and there had been no travel in December, we were all healthy, and there were no storms raging — we felt safe and blessed and keen to celebrate.

On Christmas morning, there were presents for each of us under the tree, and Kristina was eagerly pulling them out and handing them around.  We tend not to tag them, so it’s a bit of a mystery we have fun with as she finds out who the present is for and if it is one to open now or later.

“What’s this one?”

Ed answered, “That’s an ohana present.”

*puzzled looks*

“An ohana present is for all of us, it’s for the family.”  (See the ohana tab at the top of the page for more.)

And thus was born a new tradition.  I love this idea.



This was the ohana present for Christmas 2008.

My mother used to make ice cream for summer parties and celebrations. She used an old cedar tub filled with rock salt and ice, which in turn filled the kitchen sink.  The paddle was churned by a motor that sat on top of the whole business, loud enough to deny all conversation in the same room.

My favourites were fresh peach (it was not a hardship to blanch and cut up the peaches for this, as many of them didn’t make it into the bowl — that is the taste of summer for me) and toasted almond (i don’t know what else she put in it — i must ask her — for this was truly blissful).

My brother’s birthday is in July – almost always great weather.  He didn’t ever get to have his birthday on a school day and have his class and teacher make a fuss of him.  But he did get to have homemade ice cream for his birthday parties.  A fair trade, i’d say.

Oh, i think we’ll be enjoying this gift a lot.  We’ve already tried several recipes from The Perfect Scoop by David Lebovitz.  (Thank you, Tina.)

Our favourite so far is Roasted Banana Ice Cream, posted here.


listening to: Pet Shop Boys, It Must Be Obvious (thank Rhapsody for that one)

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