could we try something new?

The human capacity for language is amazing, broad, and considerable.  There are so many creative and precise words that I could probably move through the entire alphabet and come up with an appropriately descriptive word for each letter.  And our language is growing — we  continue to invent or borrow new words every year.

Then why — oh why — do we hear the same tired phrases over and over again?  Aren’t these phrases worn thin and threadbare with repetition?


The following are on my personal hit list.  You might have your own — please add them in the comments if you are so inclined.

 on the ground

at the end of the day

make no mistake

in no way, shape, or form

perfect storm


And honourable mention goes to:

tipping point

(Thank you, Malcolm Gladwell.  You’ve written interesting books.  But still.)


I love words.  Let’s use more of them.


listening to: the rumble of my laptop hard drive protesting its overworked life

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