live while i’m alive

I thought it would work to collect everything I want to write in one blog.  It doesn’t.  It’s not about anything if I do that. I’ve posted nothing fresh in the last week, but have started many potential posts. And then I stop.

The editor kicks in and rants something like this:

People in the writing world probably don’t want to see your recipes. People in the gluten-free food blog world don’t really want to hear about your book. Family and friends might only be interested in family stuff.  Or not.  And does anyone want to see your photos in the middle of it all.

To start with, I moved most pictures to a daily photo blog here. I like the user interface of the site, and I’ve already ‘met’ a community of smart, supportive, talented photographers.

You won’t see much in the six burners category either. My creative energies have not been going into food lately.

I know. I can hear the gasps of shock rippling around the world. We are still eating, of course, but not as well or as creatively as we have been used to.

Food is still as important to me, sharing a meal as compelling an opportunity to connect with each other. (So you know the guilt is kicking in right about now.)

I’m sure I’ll return to the kitchen – it is a place that feeds us on more than a simple nutritional level. I want to bring people back to the table. Soon.

For now, we have a lot going on at home, and I have been writing. Yay – writing. Boo – writing. Depending on the day.

To that end, I thought I would make this blog mostly about writing – my writing, the writing of others, the role and meaning of writing and words.

And yet, every time I sit down to write about writing, I write about life. And maybe that’s the point. Writing is about life, and the characters we encounter.

So, that’s what the blog is about: characters.

For now.


Listenting to: Bon Jovi, It’s My Life (from the acoustic album “This Left Feels Right”)

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