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Gender Stuff, Part 2

Elizabeth and Kira visited a few weeks ago. I had spent the few days before the visit researching a story I’m working on, and what I learned was still much on my mind.

I blurted out, “So, how about the Bachelor?”

This was while the season was still airing, and I had looked into it as a backdrop element for a story. Elizabeth doesn’t have a television, and didn’t know what it was. Kira and I explained it to her. She was horrified.  Truly.  Horrified.

(writer assumes you know something about The Bachelor on ABC)

“You mean, he kisses ALL of them?”

We assured her that he does, and more.

Elizabeth does NOT shock easily – she is often the one doing the shocking – but this was off the charts. “All on national television?!? He proposes to one of them after only a couple of months? On television!?!”

Then we told her about the Bachelorette. Same idea: about how she gets to “know” 25 men, with the attendant recorded-on-film kissing, and then at the end of the selection process, two men are expected to propose to her, and she decides to accept one or neither.

There was much sputtering.

And here’s the rub of it: somehow the Bachelorette is even MORE horrifying than the Bachelor. I’ve spent some time wondering why. No answers yet.

But I have some theories.


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