if i were a boy

  • i could pee standing up without getting my leg wet
  • i might be bothered by saying ‘pee’
  • my voice would be deeper
  • i’d have better grip strength and could open more jars on my own
  • my uncles wouldn’t have tried so hard to protect me

Gender Stuff, Part 3

The next day of Elizabeth and Kira’s visit, we talked about gender stereotypes.

Elizabeth is a compassionate healer by vocation, a nurse by training and education; she’s also one of the most kickass people I know. Kira is an aircraft engineer, specializing in helicopters; she is tender and funny and a gifted photographer.  They have been best friends since “littlehood.”

They recommended that I watch the Beyoncé video for If I Were a Boy.

They said it turns on end what we think of gender roles: what we expect, what we know, what we find acceptable.

They’re right. Plus, this woman can SING.

(The official video won’t embed.  Rather than sending you to youtube, i’m embedding another here – it seems to be a little stretched.  If you prefer to see the unstretched (identical content) official version, go here.)

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