in Gaelic

“Is colainn gan cheann duine gan anam cara”
~ St. Brigid

In English: a person without a Soul Friend is like a body without a head.

Yes, it sounds poetic in the Gaelic – and the English is a little gruesome picturesque – but a translation seemed in order.

Gaelic was my Nana’s first language, and is still spoken on Bere Island – her birthplace – off the southwest coast of Ireland, in County Cork.

Growing up with an Irish grandmother shaped me in ways I am still learning about. I cherish that heritage, and the way it sometimes shows up in my voice.

I feel so blessed that Nana met my Anam Cara before she died – she knew what we are to each other, and she saw how happy I am. Someday we will go to Ireland, and a part of me will feel like it is coming home.

For tonight, we will pour a jigger of Irish whiskey and toast to Nana and Pop.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all.


listening to:  Loreena McKennitt, The Mummer’s Dance

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