the sound of music

“Don’t touch that dial!” Kristina barks as I reach out to press another one of the pre-selected radio station buttons.  ” That’s Coldplay.”

“Oh,” I say.  “I didn’t know. It sounded a lot like early U2.”

I don’t say, “I like me some Coldplay, but that sounds kind of monotonous and boring.”  I’m not an idiot.

“Well, it’s not. It’s Lovers in Japan.”  Duh.

Applies more layers of blue makeup around her eyes in the swirly pattern she has perfected to distract and intimidate her opponent on the lacrosse field  show her team spirit.

“Mama, can’t you hear Chris Martin singing? That’s not Bono.”

“Well, I guess I can now. And that distinctive Coldplay orchestral-guitar riff.  But still, it sounds a lot like early U2.  I’d be willing to bet that Chris Martin was influenced a lot by early U2.”

Frowning, sighing, much shaking of head – clearly there’s not much hope for me.   “That’s so Coldplay.” 

I realize the error of my ways.  “Yeah.  How could I have even thought that?” I offer.

“I don’t know, Mama, but you’re going to hell for it.”

And then we crack up.


listening to: Coldplay Radio on Rhapsody (and U2 WAS one of their influences)

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