thankful the 80s are over

On the way to school this morning, a blast from the past played on the radio.

We were listening to Air Supply Journey. (I know, right?)

I changed it quickly, and then changed it back. I explained how this was truly awful music from the 80s, but that everyone knew all the words.  Partly because it was played over-and-over and partly because there were not so many options for listening to music.

(I  know there will be Steve Perry fans out there who would argue with me, but please don’t.  I think this song is awful – and easily confused with Air Supply – although Journey made other songs I still enjoy.)

“So, do you know all the words?”

On cue, I belt out, “So, now I come to you, with open arms…”

“And does that make you look back, and relive all those memories, and realize you are old and your life now is crap, and then you descend into a swirl of existential despair?”

Um, no.  But thanks for asking.

Gosh, but I’m going to miss these morning conversations-in-the-car when she starts regularly driving herself to school.


listening to: Missy Elliott, I Can’t Stand the Rain (thank you, Karen at Chookooloonks)

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