guidelines vs. deadlines

Yesterday was the first full day of spring.

Which means I am closing in on my self-imposed deadline of a first draft completed by the end of Kristina’s school year.

And that means I have roughly three months to get there.


It’s such a harsh word really.

It puts me in mind of that scene in Pirates of the Caribbean when Elizabeth protests leaving Jack behind, invoking the pirate code to the crew of the Black Pearl.

She turns away from the rail, advancing on the first mate, fire in her eyes.  “But what about the code?”

And Gibbs snarls back at her, “We like to think of them more as guidelines.”


I think maybe I need a buttfire (Hank Green’s Idea #3, at about 2:27 in the video).


listening to: Death Cab for Cutie, Marching Bands of Manhattan

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