Missy is sick again.  I hoped we could keep her healthy through to the end of lacrosse season, but it was not to be.

She had a sore throat on Friday after her lacrosse game, and we thought it might be from all the yelling calling out plays and encouragement on the field, but it did not get better over the weekend.

By yesterday morning, she was flat out and didn’t even want to watch Mister Rogers.  That’s sick.

Eating held no appeal, but she had to have something.  That’s the time for comfort food: grilled-cheese sandwich, sizzled just to melty and golden.  And creamy tomato soup.  In a cup.

Because everyone knows soup is way more fun to eat in a cup – a Bunnykins cup if you have it.

I hope she gets better fast, because they have another big game on Friday, and she can’t bear to miss it.


listening to: Count Basie, I Got It Bad (And That Ain’t Good)
(it’s really in my playlist – i swear)


    • i remember a little bowl too – i believe it met an untimely end. ;-( If your parents still have the set, i bet you-know-who would enjoy it, especially knowing Mama used it as a little one.

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