can haz a facebook?

Apparently the internet is not enough of a time suck. 

I have resisted getting a Facebook or MySpace page.  Not because I am old, or uncool, or wary of technology, or anything like that.  (Be quiet, teenage daughter.)

Simply, I have not wanted been afraid to have another page I visit every day, or several times a day, a page that leads me to other pages, a page with links to sites that will amuse me, or embedded videos I will watch and then send on to my loved ones.

None of that matters now.

Today I followed my link to Wagging Tales, a site I had not visited in a long while.  On Monday, Kim posted a video she found via  Michael Stearns‘ Facebook page.

If you know me at all, you will understand why I now must get a Facebook page.  If you don’t know me yet, this will tell you a lot.

Jim Henson is right up there with Mister Rogers as far as I am concerned.

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