thankful thursday: on friday

Yesterday was full in a good way:  with writing (my novel) and photographs (including this one) and reading about craft, and an interview with a teacher my daughter and I adore, and, and, and…

…it did not include a blog post, which is generally okay, but my whole philosophy on gratitute rests on making time for it, no matter what.

And to be fair, I did spend time appreciating the grace in my day yesterday, just not writing about it. 

Things I am grateful for this Thursday Friday:

  • the birdsong at each end of the day that confirms what we thought we knew: the days are getting longer and brighter, and finally – warmer
  • teachers who care passionately about their students, who want to make a difference in the school system, who grow their own skills to do so
  • my father – who this time last year was having chemo infusions every six weeks – has his hair back (now white) and is scheduled for chemo only every three months
  • dinner out with my husband at PF Changs where they have a gluten-free menu and I know I can eat safely ( a bit salty, but it’s good to drink lots of water, yes?)
  • coffee dates with my daughter after school on Fridays – yes, we know it’s very Gilmore Girls of us, and that is part of why we like it

What makes your day today?


listening to: Taylor Swift, Love Story (i love this video, plus i want the dress)

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