thankful thursday: community

To follow up: I did not meet my writing goal on Monday.

I did write the equivalent of a ten-page paper, and that feels pretty darn good.  AND I learned something more about my main character and her motivations. AND I figured out a form to use for some backstory I want to include.

Progress for sure.

Today I am thankful for:

  • Richard Hugo House, and the Writing for Teachers workshop series they offer (free of charge)
  • SCBWI and the many ways they support writers, including the weekly newsletter (thank you, Martha!)
  • Holly Cupala, who encourages and supports other writers with (virtual) bells and whistles and streamers, and who first told me about SCBWI at a party in 2003
  • the daffodils that came up in our garden, and the tulips that will follow – the daffodils are looking a bit shattered from all the wind and rain lately, and we’re not sure yet what colour the tulips are:  still, the garden brings us joy and a sense of nature’s rhythms
  • a fickle voting public that put Adam in the bottom two on American Idol last week, creating unexpected drama and suspense – what? on a reality show?  (i bet you didn’t see that one coming, did you?)
  • the Engineer and the Teenager, whose belief that I can write this story is a powerful force for good in my life


listening to: Vonda Shepard, A Lucky Life

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