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This week Nathan Bransford questioned his readers: who is your favourite character of all time?

One?  ONE?!

How to choose?  Would it be a favourite character from when I was a child?  From books I read in those formative college years?  From Kristina’s younger childhood?  From today’s children’s books?  From books I’ve read recently?

Choosing a favourite character is different from choosing a favourite story/book.  That helped.

But I didn’t want to think about it too hard – it would likely be better if my answer was a gut-reaction to the question.

I figured this should be a character who had taken up residence inside my head, a character whose voice I could still hear, regardless of how much time had passed since reading the story.

The task became easier as I thought of it this way.

Still:  one…  is not possible.

Anne Shirley, Anne of Green Gables, for her precocious language and her general spunk

Paige O’Tool, Harvesting the Heart, for her honesty, her grit, and her humility

Scout, To Kill a Mockingbird, because she is Scout

Enzo, the dog narrator, The Art of Racing in the Rain, for his deeply compassionate voice – mercy, that voice

How about you?  Who is your favourite (book) character of all time?


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  • Oh, tough question. I am going to take the easy way out and say Corduroy Bear. As for something I’ve read other than out loud to a child? I’d really have to sit and think about it ….

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