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I did it.  I joined facebook.  Late to the game I know, but what a game!  People told me how much fun it was, and I admit it – I scoffed.

But it is fun:

I became friends with my daughter, and then her friends welcomed me with thumbs up and posts on my wall and pokes.  Don’t know what I mean?  You might have to join, too. 😉

I found a friend I worked with in the long-ago-years in Toronto, a travelling gal who shared my first trip to Mexico – the trip when we arrived with backpacks and no hotel reservations.  Good times, people, good times.

I had a friend request right away from a woman who found me through my Mister Rogers post.  Holly Yarborough has made a CD of Fred Rogers’ songs arranged with a smooth jazz persuasion.  I can’t wait to hear more than the clips on her MySpace page.

I was able to see all the pictures my sister, Elizabeth, has posted – after I became friends with her. Glory, she is one photogenic lady.


Kristina has had some instructive things to say about facebook.

That first night, as I walked past her room, she called out to me, “Are you on facebook right now?”

“Yep, but my battery died.  I’m getting my power cord.”

She laughed – no, she cackled, “See, I told you.  You can’t leave.  Mwa ha ha ha.  I am IMing you right now.”

I protested. “But I was going to read a book this evening.”

“You will never read a book again.”  She had an answer for everything.

Then she posted this on my Wall:

Nope, nope, you don’t get to go back to the light.  You know what we’re doing?  WE’RE TALKING ON FACEBOOK WHILE WE’RE ONE WALL AWAY FROM EACH OTHER.  This is disgusting.


The next night, after several friends had been requested and accepted, there were more posts and comments on my wall.  Kristina came up behind me and waved a pointed finger. “You have seven notifications.”


“Down there in the corner.  See the red flag?”  (These notifications show up as a number inside a tiny red flag on the screen.)

“They will take over your life,” she said.  “You’ll see a notification, and then, Bam!  You’ll go there, you’ll follow a link, you’ll look at their photo albums, you’ll see their friends, you’ll see someone you know, you’ll go there, you’ll follow another link, and right then, you’ll get a new notification, and Bam!  You’ll start over.  It will never end.”

More protesting from me. “But I didn’t even notice the notifications before.”

More laughing from her. “You will now.”

But I also have an answer for everything (she comes by this honestly): “You know, facebook doesn’t have to be ON and blinking at me all the time.”

“Oh, even if it’s closed, you’ll know, Mama.  You’ll be sitting there doing something else, and you’ll know it’s been too long.  You’ll feel it.  And then you’ll have to check.”

Argggghhhhh!  Could she be right?  Is resistance futile?


Then we had a thought: we could do a fan page for Kaylah.  Everyone loves Kaylah.   And all of Kristina’s friends and all of my friends would be fans.

We figured that Kaylah couldn’t really have her own facebook, because updating her status would be exhausting: outside, inside, outside, inside, outside, inside, kibble, ball, nap (repeat).

We’ll get to that in our spare time. 

And now, back to my regularly scheduled writing time.  On the BOOK. 😉


listening to: Van Morrison, Magic Time

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