favourite Canadian things

Canadians are a creative sort: big inventors – necessity and all that; writers – something to do with long, dark winters; entertainers – ditto the winters; and gamesmen – we needed something more diverting than baseball or golf.


Here are some of my favourite things Canadians have done well, and Canadians who have done things well.

  • the walkie-talkie
  • and the pager
  • Barenaked Ladies
  • Frank Gehry
  • the Canadarm
  • the foghorn
  • John Candy
  • Anne of Green Gables (L.M. Montgomery)
  • Joni Mitchell
  • Neil Young
  • Lions Gate Films
  • snowblower
  • snowmobile
  • Farley Mowat
  • Margaret Atwood
  • Stanley Park and the UBC Endowment Lands (in Vancouver)
  • basketball
  • Peter Jennings
  • Laser sailboats
  • Michael J. Fox (more later in a heroes post)
  • Leonard Cohen
  • the zipper
  • Fred Penner
  • Feist
  • William Ferguson
  • the Blackberry
  • and – especially – lacrosse
    (originally created by the Iroquois, First Nations Peoples of what is now Canada, codified by Canadians)
  • oh, one more thing: a great-looking flag.

There are many, many others, but this seemed like a good list to start.  Your favourites?


listening to: Barenaked Ladies, If I Had a Million Dollars


  • Lacrosse is our official national summer sport. (Hockey is the winter sport).

    I like canoes and kayaks. The C-1 and C-2 events are the only Olympic events named after a country: the Candian-one and Canadian-two

  • haha you forgot jack bauer. what would american television be without keifer sutherland. whose grandfather, tommy douglas, gave us medicare. yay.

  • Clearly, a grievous error. 😉 But then, if i included ALL the actors, singers, journalists, etc. who work south of the border, i’d be a pretty busy girl. That Kiefer, though, he’s connected.

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