what does green mean to you?

Excuse me while I get up on my soapbox.

*writer clambers up, stumbles a little, catches her skirt on the edge, stands up and looks around, wonders if anyone saw how awkward that was, wonders if anyone is listening*

With a relatively new driver in the house, we’ve been talking a lot about what we see on the roads, what we look for, what we are careful of.  Kristina drives a lot on her own now, but not great distances, and she hasn’t spent much time on the freeway on her own.

We didn’t expect to have to give this caution: when the light turns green, look both ways before you enter the intersection.

People seem to be in a much bigger hurry than I remember.

Seriously, where do people have to be that they cannot wait one light cycle?  That they have to race through the intersection, not on the yellow, or even as it turns red, but AFTER it has already turned GREEN for the other direction


If it happened only occasionally, I might not be so worked up – maybe someone really is having a baby in that car, or they have the nuclear codes to diffuse the bomb, or whatever – but it’s happening every week.  On 25 and 30 and 35 mile-per-hour roads.

How about we all just slow down a bit?  It’s summer.  Relax.  That time resting at the light gives you a moment to look around, notice the changing seasons, take a deep breath, smile at a stranger (or not), feel the sun or rain on your outstretched hand.

And maybe it saves someone’s life.

Thank you for listening.

*writer catches her heel as she climbs down from soapbox*


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