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Ed: You didn’t know I was lusting after missile silos, did you?

Me: Um, no. 

Since we met, Ed and I have been talking about where (else) we might like to live and how those places look: there must be water, preferably the salty kind; we like islands; we want a little acreage (maybe just two?) to have trees and privacy; somewhere we could have a garden and fruit trees, with room to breathe; we like red dirt places; oh, and there should be a workshop or barn or outbuilding of some kind, or room to build one. 

We’re not really going to move anywhere while Kristina is still in high school, and we love the home we remodeled, but it’s fun to dream about.

Last night, Ed was talking about New Mexico, and wanting to visit Santa Fe.

In my head, this collided with a bit I’d read earlier in the day from Margaret Mason’s No One Cares What You Had for Lunch (100 Ideas for Your Blog).  I’ve been a fan of Maggie’s Mighty Girl blog for a while now – she is quirky, smart, stylish, funny (a bit of a wiseass, really), and a wonderful observer of the moment as it is going by.

For one of the blog ideas, she talks about how easy it is to thrill or impress a child – skipping a stone, or a loud two-finger whistle will do – but it takes much more to get a jaded adult’s attention.  The example she used to make her point was a piece about an abandoned missile silo in Texas that has filled with groundwater and is now used as a dive site.

Pretty cool, yes?

But when I read the piece to Ed, he was way ahead of me.

Years ago, he found a real estate site that brokers the sale of abandoned missile silos as homes: some are in total disrepair with nothing but desolate acres of tumbleweeds topside; some have been developed into state-of-the-art houses, leaving in place the blast doors able to withstand nuclear holocaust, adding high-end finish and appliances, fireplaces, lighting behind glass block for faux-daylight, and private airstrips.

Because really, who doesn’t want to have a bomb-resistant blast door on their living room?

I didn’t impress him with the Texas dive site.  But I did get to visit 20th Century Castles to see the missile silos for myself.

I think I’ll stick with dreaming of Kauai.  Or Bainbridge Island.  Or the Oregon Coast.  Or maybe the Outer Banks.  Or even, right here.


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