remembering john hughes

Thank you, John Hughes.

You let us know that we weren’t crazy.  You let Molly Ringwald be invisible to her family.  You let Matthew Broderick sing the Beatles on a parade float.  You let Ben Stein call Ferris’ name over and over into the quiet classroom.  You let Anthony Michael Hall create his dream woman.  You let Emilio Estevez tell the principal, “Eat my shorts.”  You let Macauley Culkin stay home alone.

You let us see each other in a kinder, funnier, better way.

You knew us.  You watched and you listened.  You made these movies for us, for Alison.  Her post about her friendship with you has helped us understand the significance of your work.

And our own.

Working with young people is an honour.  You understood this.

We thank you.  Our thoughts are with your family.


listening to: Simple Minds, Don’t You (Forget About Me)

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