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One of my favourite routines is starting my morning with a pot of tea.

I use the term “starting” loosely.  Starting MY morning may come after a kiss good-morning-goodbye with the Engineer,  feeding and letting out the Dog, making breakfast, catching up on the Teenager’s schedule, making lunch for her to take with her (I know, I still do that, it’s an act of love that she carries with her), and seeing her out the door.

Then I put on the kettle, make a pot of tea, and settle in to read.  It could be my current book or today’s blogs on a stool at the kitchen island, or it could be the neighbourhood paper spread out on the weather-beaten picnic table on the back deck.  The constant is my tetsubin.

The tetsubin is a cast-iron teapot with origins in Japan.  It sits on a trivet, as the metal becomes scalding hot in short order.  The pot is small, but pours many servings into the also-small matching teacups.  There are no handles on the teacups: the tea is the perfect temperature for drinking when you can stand to hold the cup.

Mine is a deep blue, with dragonflies cast onto the outside surface.  It was a gift from my husband for Christmas the year we were married: the dragonflies symbolise unions and new beginnings.

And every day is a new beginning.


listening to: Angelique Kidjo (featuring Joss Stone), Gimme Shelter

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