an open letter

Dear Lady in the Sable-Brown Tahoe,

We spent a little time on the road together today.  You were driving behind me.  You got frustrated when you realised that getting closer to my back bumper wouldn’t make me go any faster.

Then you got irate.  I could see you back there, yelling and waving your hands.

It is amazing how easy it is to piss some people off.  It can be as simple as doing the speed limit.

I was not impeding traffic.  I wasn’t even playing that game of going slower and slower to force you to slow down.  I was simply driving at the speed limit.

Our neighbourhood has 25 mph speed zones: we have many children in our area, parks and playgrounds, and three schools within a mile or so of each other.  That speed limit keeps those kids safer by reducing stopping distance.

I have a teenage daughter: I want her to practice patience and calm while driving, to follow the rules of the road, and to not be intimidated by bullies in other cars.

The thing is, the worst speeding offenders aren’t teenagers – at least not in my experience – and not near my house, which is three miles from a high school.

I see a lot of teenage drivers.

The worst tailgaters are the moms – with their kids in the car.  Maybe you are one?  The ones who are late to take their sons to band practice, again, or to pick up their daughters from camp, or to visit the orthodontist.

I know time is a precious commodity.  Time-poverty is a soul-sucking ailment of modern society.  But really?  You could schedule less in your day.  Or leave on time.  Or, if you leave late – and we know this happens sometimes – drive by the rules of the road anyway.

And keep the neighbourhood safe for everyone, including your kids. 

Lady in the Blue Highlander


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