bon voyage

I’m heading up to Canada today.


My sister has accepted a research position at a Swedish university, near the world’s largest IKEA store (although that has nothing to do with her research).

Catherine and her husband will live in Sweden for a year.  That is, after they compete in the World Dragonboat Championships in Prague.  And travel to Poland, Hungary, and Austria. 

Today we are having a family send-off party before they leave on Thursday.  It’s hard to contemplate how much we’ll miss them.  Our coping strategy includes food, laughter, and maybe a few fart jokes. 


For as many times as I have crossed the border between British Columbia and Washington state, I should find a way to include it in a story.  A border crossing has its own rules and culture.  Hmmm…  I’ll have to noodle that one a bit.


listening to: 10,000 Maniacs, These Are Days

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