why am i here?

I’ve been asking myself: what do I want this blog to do?  What do I write here and why? I’ve had some ideas, and dabbled in all of them along the way, including

  • writing process and things I’m learning about craft
  • family anecdotes
  • curious things I’ve found on the interwebs
  • heroes and inspirations
  • photos I’ve taken
  • writing practice – the exercise that gets me going before I get to the real stuff of the day (which is usually the YA novel)
  • books, movies, tv, comics, books made into tv, comics made into movies, etc.
  • questions, issues, concerns, such as: body image, stereotypes, and driving skills
  • events in the writing community

My audience is small and sporadic – judging by my wordpress dashboard stats – so this question is probably academic.  There is likely no one out there who is interested in all the things I’m interested in.  And that’s okay. 

I guess I’m really just writing the blog for me.  If anyone else reads it, gets it, enjoys it, that is icing.  (Or gravy, if that is your thing, but I’m more a sweet than savoury girl.)

I think the real question, the bigger question, is what do I want to share with the world?  Is what I am writing here consistent with that?

The answer I’ve come to is this: I want to celebrate what is good – at home, in my community, across the world.

I mean this to be a practical exercise, not an existential one.

I want to make the world a better place.  Not in a judgemental what-a-bad-world-it-is, if-only-someone-listened-to-me-about-how-it-should-be-then-everything-would-be fine way.

Rather in a what-can-I-do-or-say (or-write-or-shine-a-light-on) to-help-someone-else-feel-that-celebration way.

Some days, that is harder to do than others.  Some days, I just want to rant about the computer I ordered that turned out to be crappy and the crappier (more crappy?) customer service I discovered when I called the company that made it.

Or I want to rant (and have) about the crappy driving skills people demonstrate.

But the fact is, those rants don’t celebrate anything good.  They don’t make anything better.  And I’m not getting all pious here.  It’s just that I figure there are other places where you can hear about the crapfest.  Scatterbeams doesn’t have to be one of them.   

My gift – my passion – has always been with words.  So, I work with words.  And sometimes I accent the words with my photographs.  I’m going to take a page from the comic books and use my power for good.

For now.


listening to: Jeff Beck (this is not going to be everyone’s cup of tea, but damn, this man can play the guitar)

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