So. District 9.

Somewhere in my tours of the blogosphere last week, I came across a mention of District 9 on someone’s blog.  Forgive me, I cannot remember where, although I know it was a woman’s writing, maybe an editor or agent?

The post was brief and to the point: she said she had seen District 9.  She said it was awful, terrible, and beautiful (maybe not terrible, I’m probably misquoting, I can’t remember for sure what the 3rd word was).

She said: see it.

It IS complex, moving, and terrible.

When I saw the previews in the spring, I suspected that it would be a smart film, and that it might miss its mark in theatres because of this.  Often, a movie that looks too action-y will scare away those who want a more intelligent movie-going experience.  And conversely, a movie that looks too thoughtful, will not draw the crowd that prefers their movies with chase-scenes and explosions.

The previews for District 9 looked plenty action-y, but they also showed a movie with a great concept and potential for provocative social commentary.  I was prepared to be disappointed if they shied away from making this commentary.

I was not disappointed.

A little shell-shocked maybe, but not disappointed.  It is fast-paced and a much more violent movie than I expected.  Fair warning.

But it also asks questions: about community and race; about what an individual’s responsibility is to say/do something when they witness wrong-doing; about what makes someone ‘other’ and what makes someone ‘us’ and who draws the line; about who holds the power and how they use it.

See this movie.  If you can stand the guns, attacks, and shooting, see this movie.


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