but it was just last week…

On September 11th, I wrote a post about Mary Travers: her vision, and her work for social justice with the musical group Peter, Paul and Mary.

I didn’t want to talk about September 11th directly.  Instead, I wanted to talk about a better, more hopeful world, and someone who inspires me to believe we can get there.

Mary Travers passed away this week.  I’m choked up over the death of a woman I never met, because she and her musical partners were part of my childhood, and my daughter’s childhood: she was part of our family.

Peter, Paul and Mary songs are what played as I danced around the living room with a newborn in my arms, as that newborn became a toddler who danced on her own, as she learned the words and laughed at the silliness, as she grew into someone who became serious listening to the songs of social change.  

Mary Travers was a woman of warmth, compassion, and integrity, with an overflowing heart, a giant voice, and a willing laugh.

My heart goes out to her family and friends.  And I am grateful that her music and her message will carry on. 

Because I think she would have wanted it that way.


(Here is a rare, early Peter, Paul and Mary performance, much more subdued than their later work, but with a consistent, powerful message all the same.)

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