the fever or the headache? maybe it’s the cough

Dear Swine Flu,

It’s hard to choose the worst part of your visit.

Is it the headache that feels as if someone has ripped open the skull, the better to continually pour molten lava inside?  Is it the cough that sears the throat and tightens the chest, making breathing a regrettable event?  Perhaps it’s the fever that rises and falls like an unpredictable tide, causing us to don and discard layers and blankets with near-manic frequency.

Whatever the worst part is, it makes you a very difficult guest: demanding, insistent on having your way with us, relentless. 

And another thing: MUST you share with EVERYONE?

It’s really hard to feel grateful, to maintain my normally-sunny-disposition.  I’m looking forward to when you leave.  Don’t let the door tag you on your way out.

With very little regard for your feelings,



  • I’m sorry you’ve got this nasty bug!! I’ve escaped it’s clutches thus far, which amazes me since I work in a bookstore. Lots of grubby hands clutching all those books…

    I’m anxious to peruse your archives here. I see you read I’m Here If You Need Me. I loved that book and reviewed it on my book blog a year or so ago. I’ll pop by with the link, if you like.

    Thanks for the photo of Sucia Island. Sigh. Wish I were there right now.

    Get well!

  • Les, thank you for your kind words! I hope you have managed to stay healthy – it seems that if you can keep your hands away from your nose and mouth (until you’ve washed them after contact with the outside world), that helps a lot. Or so people tell us. I suspect that once it is in a household, it is a matter of time until everyone gets it.

    I love to picture you surrounded with all those books, grubby hands or no – a bookstore is one of my FAVOURITE places to go. On my very first date with my husband we met at a bookstore. Heaven.

    Yes, I’d love to see your review of Here If You Need Me. I’ll pop by and look for it.

    Catherine – you know by now that all three of us had it. Boo. Feeling better now though, on my way to 100%. Are you back from Odense yet?

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