all things wild: maurice sendak

As I leaned over a box in Kristina’s room, packing the things we would take with us, I made impossible choices.

I tried to imagine what would comfort her when she went back there by herself.  Even though I knew she would live with me most of the time, I expected that she would still spend time at her father’s house – and for the first few years, she did.

The bookshelves were the hardest part: Should we take this book with, or leave it for her to read on her own?  Should we split up this series, or keep it together?  What about books by the same author that were not a series?

We had two books by Maurice Sendak.  In the Night Kitchen is at our house.  Where the Wild Things Are is… not.  Kristina lives with us full-time now; the things we left behind are in a kind of dusty stasis in a little-girl-room she no longer visits.


I know I could buy another copy of Where the Wild Things Are, but it wouldn’t be the one we shared together, the book I held while she snuggled in my lap, reading aloud the words that caused us to gasp and wonder at Max’s deeds.

That rough old hardcover saw many bedtimes and afternoon picnics and quiet moments tucked away from boisterous family visits. (We carried a bag of books with us everywhere we went.)

With so many wonderful memories, we are both thrilled about the movie adaptation of one of our Favourite. Books. EVER.

All Things Wild

Where the Wild Things Are was first published in 1963.  Along the way, many have thought to adapt the book to film: Spike Jonze is the first one Maurice Sendak believes has the vision to bring the story to life.  This short making-of film features Maurice Sendak talking about how pleased he is with the movie and the director.

To learn more about Spike Jonze, read the NY Times Magazine article.

If you don’t care to read about the director (although it is a wonderful article), and you just CAN’T WAIT until 16 October for the movie, here is a movie trailer teaser:

And another:

I believe it is true that we carry inside us all the ages we have been.

Maybe we all want to be Max, howling at the setting sun with our monster friends after a day of wonderful adventures, knowing we will go home to find supper waiting for us, still hot.


  • If I were to be stranded on a deserted island (ok I would rather be on a desserted island, preferably a chocolate-desserted island) and I was only allowed 3 books there are two books I would absolutely have to have; Where the Wild Things Are and The Secret Garden. The third book would take some thinking. And if I was told I could only have one it would definitely be Where the Wild Things Are.

  • Hi Jet,

    First let me say thanks for stopping by my space today and your kind comment. I had to pop over and see what yours looked like after seeing your name. Jet Harrington sounds as if you should be answering questions about the success of your YA novel on morning talk shows.

    In taking a quick look around, I noticed this post and a few others here that made me think you might be interested in having a look at this one. Benjamin Wagner is a lovely blog friend I met online who is multi-talented and I think pretty amazing.

    Here’s a link to his post on a topic I know you’ll recognize.

    Nice to meet you and I’ll be back again.

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