before i hit send

Thoughts for a make-it-better Monday:

  • If I write a note in anger and pain, it’s almost never a good idea to send it right away.
  • If I write a note in love and gratitude, it’s almost always a good idea to send it right away.


Playing for Change is an amazing phenomenon my brother shared with me.  If you’ve already heard of it, you know what I mean.  If this is new to you, I’m beyond delighted to share it with you here.  The link will take you to the website where you can learn more about how they made the video, and watch their Song Around the World versions of Stand By Me, Chanda Mama, Don’t Worry, and more.

One love, one heart.  Can I get an Amen* to that?

*AMEN in this context is not a religious gesture: it simply means “so be it” or “so say we all”


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