shiny things

My attention seems to be all over the place these days —  look — the shiny thing…

That’s kind of what I mean.  The recovery from swine flu has been slow, mostly because I didn’t spend enough time resting to heal.  Whenever I felt a bit better, I’d do more.  And then take a few steps backward, coughing all the way.  And yes, I know better.  But still.

Some of the things that caught my eye recently:

Nominated for best grandfather ever (this guy might win): this is a Vespa rocking chair. (via @maureenjohnson on twitter – yes, I’m checking out twitter – follow me @jetharrington)

From Kristina’s AP American Government class: where is your political compass?  This is much more than right or left – it includes economic and socio-cultural indicators – and no identifying information is given.  It was interesting to see where I landed on the graph, compared to political figures and other leaders.

From space (via the NYTimes): images from the repaired hubble telescope.  (Nod to John Scalzi for pointing me there.)

When H1N1 had me in its grip, watching this guy grow his beard while he walked across China was pretty cool.  It still is.  (via Superhero Journal)

And this makes me happy every time I see it, so I’m embedding it right here.  (I saw this on several sites, including Brené Brown’s Ordinary Courage.)  But then, I also love the wedding dance scene while the credits roll at the end of Hitch.  I watched that movie again while I was sick – Will Smith rocks.  Oh, wait. Right – shiny thing.  Back to the wedding video…





  • But there are so many lovely things to pay attention to in the world.

    Just yesterday, I was mid-conversation on a walk with a friend, and a GOAT bleated. We don’t usually hear that in this neighbourhood. Threw me completely off-track.

    Yes, Elizabeth, I try to tell myself many things are “signs of a creative mind.” Recently, I was packed for a trip, with my bag by the door, fully 20 hours before leaving for the airport. This was a FIRST. When I told my brother, he said, “organization is the sign of an uncluttered mind.” I’m not sure I would go that far.


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