video wednesday: business time

I often do Wordless Wednesdays here at scatterbeams.  It is an opportunity to share a photo from my collection at the photo blog (which I’ve been updating with pictures from Bryce Canyon).  I like to use a random photo as my writing prompt for a warm-up exercise: start with the photo, write for 15 minutes uninterrupted, go!

Added bonus: I stretch my creative muscles with taking, choosing, and prepping the photo, which is different from the way I stretch with writing.

When Catherine and Graham visited earlier this year, Catherine wanted to check her email, so we brought my laptop out to the kitchen counter.  And as will happen, after email was taken care of, we moved on to favourite YouTube videos.

Jet, meet Flight of the Conchords.

Oh dear.

So, because it is Wednesday (hat tip to Karen at Chookooloonks for reminding me about this particular piece), I present: Business Time.

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