protection is a moving picture

It started with a headache.  I wrote about that here and here.  Then the fever, the nausea, the cough, the exhaustion, the aches in every joint, the pain of being awake, the fevered dreams of being asleep, the need to hydrate, the sore throat making that agonizing.  Then came the time when the virus didn’t have such a strong hold, when we started going back to daily life.  And the exhaustion and coughing continued.

H1N1 wears out its welcome.

Kristina had it first.  As committed as Ed and I were to staying healthy, the virus was ultimately stronger, it was more patient, it wore through our defenses.  It swept through our family, laying each of us low for weeks.  It was a big deal, for us anyway.

Today, DaMomma wrote about protecting her household from this invader.  With an infant who has had medical issues since birth, she is taking extra (some might say extreme) precautions, including a decon station right inside the back door.  Some folks have commented that she might be going too far.  Yet, I can completely understand wanting to protect her family from H1N1, from all foes.

It’s what we do. 

It’s like a microcosm of everything we face as mothers: finding that balance, ever-changing, between protecting our children from the world and preparing them for the world.  We want to hold them close, yet we have to let them go.


Until then, we do what we can, we do what we must, we do what we think is best.  We clothe our homes in scarlet, valiant mothers and wives, even if – especially if – that means being a badass.


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  • Not sure yet but both me and the offspring are a little off…I re-read your earlier posts and that headache thing was today. I left school early and am feeling much better but still have a PTSA meeting to run tonight. So for now I am in the state of denial although, to be honest, I would rather be in the state of colorado where I hear (perhaps a rumor) that people are atually flinging themselves down snowy slopes with pairs of fiberglass attached to their feet.

  • Crack me up, Kim. I hope you and the rest stay healthy (i can hear the chant in my head outside the school at 3:00 – fight, fight, fight). It is worth it to fight this bug. I held it off (for a while anyway) with airborne, and emergen-c packets and LOTS of extra sleep. More snow to come, i’m sure you’ll get your share. 😉

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