a new book series to love and the power of quick thinking

Part I

Update on this post.  Kristina took the book to school with her that day, and sent me this text when she finished it:


Me, too.  I can hardly wait.  It looks like this:



Part II (requires a little set-up)

Kristina has a new piercing.  And while I wouldn’t do it for/to myself, it’s okay with me that she did, because:

  • She made a thoughtful choice.
  • It’s her body.

That’s the bottom line for me – it’s her body.  She is completely responsible for the after-care, and she is attentive to how it is healing.

Part of that after-care involves warm salt-water soaks.**  Kristina heats the kettle, fills a cup, adds the sea-salt, soaks and dabs, sometimes cleans up the counter afterward.

This morning she checked, and realised she is supposed to be mixing 8 oz. water to 1/8 tsp. salt.  Maybe she hasn’t been using enough salt, or maybe too much – she’s really just been eyeballing it – but the piercing site was red and sore.  That could just be part of the healing, could be the water was too hot, or it could be the tiring, stressful week she’s had.

She showed me the glass she’s been using, and I told her it wasn’t nearly 8 oz.  Which meant that my literal-minded daughter had to get out a measuring cup to prove me wrong test my theory.  It turns out the glass measures 6 oz, which she says is, “pretty damn close.”  Even though she likes everyone else to be accurate, she’s not always exact about things.

I started thinking: hmmmm, 6:8, that’s 3:4; some things at 3:4 are NOT pretty damn close, sometimes you need to be precise, etc.  I thought of an analogy, a situation where having only 3/4 of something would MATTER, something she could relate to. 


“Would three quarters of a car be pretty damn close to enough?”

And without a flicker of hesitation, she comes back with, “Mama, have you seen Smart Cars?”


I shrug. “Fair enough.”

She cheers. “Owned!”



Note: I think it might be illegal to park this way.  Anyone?

**I think I need some warm salt-water soaks.  My Nana said salt-water cures everything. Or at least makes it better.


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