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I was trying to read the cheat sheet for the poker game with the girls.

I had never played poker before (nope,  not even in college).  Although I have a passing knowledge of what most of the hands are – I have seen The Sting, Ocean’s Eleven, and Casino Royale –  I still wasn’t sure what beat what.  We had a poker kit with coasters that doubled as cheat sheets: each coaster listed the hands, in winning order, with illustrationed examples for each.

Okay, now picture it: regular size coaster, really small type, even smaller pictures.

I was moving the coaster back and forth, squinting at a bit in the low light.  (You can’t play Saturday-night poker in bright light, now can you?)  Heidi laughed, and asked if I wanted to use her reading glasses.  I’ve had headaches for the last couple of months, and I thought it must be lingering effects from H1N1.  But that was nearly two months ago.  So I tried the glasses.


Suddenly – and I do mean, suddenly – not that clichéd transition word from poorly-edited literature, but all of a sudden, from one instant to the next – I could SEE.  Clearly.  I did not know the letters could be so crisp.  I did not remember they could be so distinct from each other.

I did not realise how much my eyes had changed.

I knew that doing handcrafts (beading, knitting, sewing, etc.) had become tiring and difficult, but when I turned away from those activities, I didn’t think I missed them too much.  There were so many other things to do.

Over time, I had become used to the subtle changes in my vision.  I had started using brighter light, or not reading for as long.  I spent more time using the 24″ monitor on my desk, rather than working from my laptop (giving up some of the convenience of the laptop in the process).  And I dealt with the headaches.

Well, no more.

Two days after the poker revelation, I had an appointment with an optometrist, and a week after that, I picked up my new glasses.  It turns out that my distance vision is still great: it will likely be a good long time before I need glasses for driving.  But my near-range vision needs some support, and as luck would have it, my eyes require different levels of correction, so prescription lenses were called for.

I think I had always dreaded needing glasses because I couldn’t imagine finding frames that would work for my long, narrow, big-crooked-nosed face.  Naturally then, I brought my two favourite stylists with me to choose my glasses: Kristina and Boyfriend.

I’m thrilled with what we chose.  (Even though I hope to come up with a better photo.)


** The graphic at the top is linked to the owner’s flickr stream.  I found it on the mollycoddled mutterings blog, after looking into mollymutt dog beds, after seeing them raved about on chookooloonks and dooce.  Isn’t it fun following me around the interwebs?


listening to:  Raphael Saadiq, Big Easy


  • Nice! Those look good on you. Very Euro.

    Eagle-eyed Nathan told me to get glasses as I sat next to him at the back of the Calculus theatre (12 years ago!) Is that an n-squared or an m-squared?

  • Thank you! I like them a lot. And I didn’t expect to. But there it is. Also, my hair is (even) shorter now.

    And I was amazed to see how blurry things had become – I was clearly (pun!) figuring some things out from context, at least sometimes. No more. Yay!

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