another take on the adage "a picture’s worth a thousand words"

I just did a Wordle of the scatterbeams blog feed.  Wordle creates a graphic representation of a submitted block of text, with the most often used words showing up in the largest font.  This can be  interesting feedback for a writer.

The best part about this Wordle: the biggest scatterbeams word is BOOK, followed by GOOD. 

Wordle: scatterbeams 071109

 (Click the thumbnail to see it full-size.)


Okay, cool is way too understated – picture Kermit the Frog throwing his head back and waving his arms in the air.  This is happy-making.

What will you Wordle?

  • manuscript/WIP
  • blog feed
  • love letter
  • college admissions essay
  • song lyrics
  • poem

Go to the Create page at Wordle to make your own, using any amount of text, or a link to a blog/feed.

(Catherine, the biggest word on your blog is “bike”.)

listening to: Eric Hutchinson, OK, It’s Alright With Me


  • Great way to start the day – you made me laugh out loud. (And George Carlin still does, too.) I really miss your humour. Thank you for the visit and comment!

  • BAHAHAHA i just saw a youtube of george the other day… i was in need of a laugh and typed in funniest comedy ever… and of course he had an appearance on that search.
    love you both. lots.

  • ps wordles are rad. but their name… i dunno… not nearly as rad as what it is. It is not like it is a word crossed with an effing poodle.
    but it does kind seem a bit like a long noodle – weaving throughout to create a textile (read text-style) that is more overt than in its rainbow of flowing paragraphs.

  • word-poodle… oh dear

    word-noodle? YES… i love this – words all over the screen like a plate of spaghettti

    and text-style – best word-combo there: i love the imagery in your comment – thank you!

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