to keep you busy (and laughing) while I write today – see how I did that?

I am writing up a storm today.  Which is good, because yesterday was a TOTAL wash.  At least as far as word count.  But I am taking little breaks, to keep my hand from cramping, and to keep my BRAIN from cramping.

80’s culture is retro and cool right now – this is fun for me because it is where I come from, where so many memories are lodged.**

And lots of people are having fun with it, including the folks at Huffington Post.  I saw this via HolyKaw and had to share it with you here.



If you don’t know the song, or in case that’s just not enough of the 80’s for you (and really, how could it be), this little treasure could make your day.



** Hey! Does this mean that by association I am retro and cool?  No, wait, don’t answer that.

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