ninja fact #1

While I am fiercely hard-at-work finishing my manuscript, Kristina has agreed to guest post with her collection of ninja facts.

Look for them, once a week or so, until we run out.


If this is popular, she will do a series on pirates.

Hint: if you want to see pirate facts, please comment on the ninja facts.

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  • I love this ninja comic.
    it is rad.
    please post more.
    ps. a pirate series would be ultra awesome… please include somthing about scurvy. xo

  • Oooooo, commentses. We loves commentses. Oh wait, that’s LOTR. No Ninjas there. But there are ninjas here, and more are on the way.

    Elizabeth, I have passed on your request for scurvy. The artist smiled a knowing smile.

    Holly, in additon to pics of the rain boots (which I only have to imagine are colourful and cute), I want to see pictures of your family in balaclavas. I have no doubt that you-know-who will be very compelling in that get-up. (Also, I think you will like Ninja Fact #2.)

    Catherine, is Persepolis the graphic novel by the Persian woman, the book that was made into a movie? We are eager to read/see that – we’ve been talking about it with Boyfriend.

  • LOVE it! After pirates, could we see princesses? Kicky ones that DON’T bat their eyelashes when asked intelligent questions? Please don’t let them fight with scarves.

  • Liz, you have MADE my day with your visit and your comment. My daughter was very much the kicky princess, with no patience for eyelash-batters: she is a girl who liked to wear dresses while climbing trees and, um… taking names.

    She/we especially loved Patricia Wrede’s Enchanted Forest Chronicles, with Cimmoreen (sp?), a princess who does decidedly un-princess-like things. Book 1 is called Dealing with Dragons. I bet Mare would love Cimmoreen. (I really don’t think I’m spelling that correctly, but it’s been a while.)

  • First, I must admit that in my attempt to briefly read through the comment section, I read Holly’s as that she had bought her family baklava and was planning on wearing them as ninja hoods…definitely a family I want to party with…oh wait balaclavas…darn my bad.

    Second, I vote for comics of pirates AND ninjas…desegregation is all the rage donjaknow.

  • the truth about ninjas finally comes out. what about when pink became the new black…not too stealthy right? i often wished to have a ninja for a pet. i had a tough time in school not being a bad ass so mine got kicked until i had the biggest friends that stayed around for my wit and prolly more for my moms homemade cookies. will a ninja kick someones ass for a cookie? (can i say ass in a comment?) i think ninjas are like bunnies: low maintenance, tidy, and cuddly.
    okay not cuddly.
    good day.

  • Oh my, I think you are all just gonna love Ninja Fact # 2, debuting tomorrow.

    Kim, the requests could keep this one going for some time. She’s already working on Ninja the sequel (after the first series, pirates, and princesses, of course). Perhaps there is some cross-over appeal that could be worked in there. It works for the networks, right?

    David, so glad to see you again. Yes, you can say ass. We say it here quite a bit. ASS. also: BAD-ASS. It’s my party. We don’t squelch language here at scatterbeams, but I would shut someone down who was shitting in someone else’s soup. Cause we know what that makes, right? We’d have to ask the resident Ninja expert about the cookie. I think some ninjas could be cuddly some of the time.

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