ninja fact #2 (#ninjafacts)

Yes, that’s a hashtag up there.  That is to make the ninja facts easier to find in the twitterverse.

(The other? Sometimes a number sign is just a number sign.)

Yes, I speak twitter.  Do you want to make something of it?

I didn’t think so.


Please continue to feed the artist with comments.  She appreciates your appreciation.

listening to: Carrie Underwood, All American Girl


  • I notice the last two ninja facts also work as “debunking myths about ninjas”.
    One of my favorite words (at least in terms of frequency) is “actually”. I think it must be the same for miss K?

  • Yes, and yes. It was one of the things she did as a four/five-year-old that reminded me much of you (that and identifying any little nature beasty she knew with scientific accuracy).

    She still does it. Truth be told, all the people in our home do.

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