what do taking pictures, passing notes, and cleaning out your closet have in common?

That’s a real question.  My answer:


In Seattle it is raining. Again. Miserable buckets of rain, nothing misty or soft about this.  It gets down the back of your neck as you load groceries in the car, it soaks your shoes when you walk the dog, and if you don’t sweep the leaves from the driveway drain, water floods into the garage – that kind of rain.

That kind of rain might get me down, especially when it goes on steadily for a couple of weeks.

But not today.

Today my heart is warmed and inspired.  Lately I have noticed an uptick in the number of people doing kind, thoughtful things for others.

Sure, it could be the holidays or the economy, but I think it is bigger than that: we crave connection to and with others – it is an essential part of our humanity.

When we are in community with one another, we see the ways people need help, we see ways we are able to help.

So we do. 

Karen Walrond at Chookooloonks has put together a photo drive to bring some cheer to children who are in hospital over the holidays.  Send a photo or an art-card with a cheery (non-denominational) message to her by 30 November, and she will see that it gets to a sick or injured child at Texas Children’s Hospital.  Details here.

Krystyn Heide was dismayed by the tenor of a note she saw at a local coffee shop (dis)regarding homeless people, the same day Heath Ledger died, attracting gawkers and media to her NYC neighbourhood.  That day, the world felt like a hostile place.  Krysten and her friend, Jen, started a hope revolution, placing notes of encouragement, love, and, inspiration in unexpected places all over the city.  As Krystyn says, you don’t need much more than pen and paper and the power of hope-FULL words. Learn more about HOPErevo here.

Kelly Wickham at Mocha Momma is vice-principal at a high school with a high percentage of students living in poverty.   Because of a few kids who have made poor decisions, there is a new rule: the girls are no longer allowed to bring large handbags to school.  Most of these girls do not have the money to buy another, but where else do you put your lip balm, a tampon, and your house keys?  Mocha Momma has started a small-purse drive, inviting you to dig through your closet and haul out that little bag you thought you’d love, but didn’t (or buy a new one for this purpose) and send it to her.  She is working with teens in her school to set up a purse store.  Details here and update here

We cannot – any one of us – fix it all.  But each of us can make SOMETHING better for SOMEONE.

And that feeling makes it easier to laugh at the rain and splash in the puddles today.


listening to: Super Chic(k), Stand in the Rain


  • This was the most inspiring, thoughtful post about all these projects. Your reaction and commitment to them is truly inspiring in itself. Thank you for mentioning my humble purse drive.

  • Lovely Ladies: you are each doing wonderful things in your corners of the world, and the Good Things ripple out to make the world a better place. I am happy to shine a light on what you are doing. Every thing counts. Cheers!

  • Lovely collection of Goodness. Went Googling for one of the specifics (Chookooloonks’ drive) and found you and this delightful bright post. Life is like what you write here, eh? It may rain down our necks but oh, there can be sunshine in our soul if we only open the shutters. Namaste.

  • Leisa, thank you so much for stopping by and for your kind words. Here’s to opening the shutters!

    And it’s funny – after that stint of rain, we’ve had another unusual bout of sunny, crisp, cold weather. The yummy boots and down puffy weather made people in our area unusually cheerful, an especially nice thing around the holidays.

    We’re going to have a HOPErevo party here in a week or two, and then brighten up the potentially anti-climactic days of January.

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