ninja fact #3 (#ninjafacts)

Very little feedback on Ninja Fact #2.  Curious.

Perhaps things will be different with #3.  It’s up to you, Interwebs.


listening to: Elton John, Tiny Dancer (the bus scene from Almost Famous)


  • My bad for not commenting on #2…but I mean d’uh. Is it not true that some of the best ninjas are girls?! Oh and I am so glad that the ninjas have let go of that antiquated notion of don’t ask don’t tell.

  • I am glad that the ninjas have a strong sense of self and a good support system to come out, but I bet ninjas could also be really effectively closeted since they are so stealthy.

    Also, I will reintroduce my proposal that “ninja facts” be subtitled “debunking ninja myths”

  • I suspect that ninjas didn’t subscribe to that antiquated notion – but there haven’t been enough of them giving interviews to raise the question. Still, good to be clear and all.

    Catherine, i will see about amending future posts to add your suggestion (the drawings are complete and scanned, but the titling could certainly be as creative and lengthy as i’ve a mind for)

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