there's always a ruiner out there somewhere

I’ve only ever heard this term with my sisters.  And maybe they lifted it from somewhere else, or maybe they made it up.

They totally could have made it up.

Name-calling isn’t big in our family, but when someone has messed up, they probably need to be called on it.  This one was shortened from, “You ruined Christmas!” to a smaller, muttered-under-the-breath,


Now it finds its way into use year-round, but always in fun, always with laughter.


I was catching up on twitter this morning, where it is great fun to see that Maureen Johnson loves Christmas about as much as I do. 

Someone sent MJ a tweet, asking, “Is it Christmas yet?! Is it? Is it? Is it?” working Miss Maureen into quite the Christmas frenzy as she clicked on the attached link, thinking there was great Christmas joy about to unfold. (Or at least, this is what I imagine was going on when she clicked on the link.  Um, because that’s what I did.)

This link. 

Go there.  I’ll wait.




Sorry about that.  On the bright side, won’t it be great to see what they do on Christmas day?

I will make it up to you.  More favourites from Christmas past coming soon. 

And more ninjas also.  I know you love the ninjas.


listening to: The Beyman Bros, Moon of Tunis (from Memories of Summer As a Child)


  • I am sorry but my English is a little weak…the link sent me to a screen with a big word that I don’t know the meaning of 😉

  • Martha, welcome to the blog! I’m so excited you stopped by AND commented. We had some pretty sad, skinny Christmas trees over the years – I’ll write about those in a week or so – it wouldn’t have taken much to knock them over. I’m glad it wasn’t me.

  • Yes, Dr. Kim. I understand. I couldn’t resist sharing it, but those folks are twisted. That’s the BEST thing I can say about them.

    I pointed my sister to the post when we were on Skype this afternoon. She howled! And then told me that on her screen – in Canada – it says NO/NON.

    No shit. (Or is that pas de merde?)

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