what would a ninja say? (#ninjafacts)

I have several Christmas-related posts in the works, but the days have been full, and the words are not editing themselves.  To entertain you until I get the groceries unloaded and the baking started, here is another ninja post.

Aren’t you glad I didn’t make you wait for this one?


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  • Comment-art was a recognizable face, with old-newspaper-comic-just-punched-falling-down eyes, which given your comment, I think totally worked. Nasty faker.

    Couldn’t fool us!

    (Thank you for the visit and the comment, Benjamin – it’s great to see you here!)

  • Boy had to think about this for a moment…although at one level the “Whee!” does not on the outside appear particularly Ninja’esk…the message is actually much more subtle than that. You see, us Ninjas *only* say “Whee!” when we are riding on the back of the grocery cart as we careen through the shopping center parking lot. Just thought I should clarify, oh and BTW, now that I have let you in on this little secret you must commit this act within 24 hours or experience the wrath of the Ninja!!! (chain letter anyone???)

  • Oh dear. Within 24 hours of the posting, or within 24 hours of the reading? Just read it, on my way to the grocery store RIGHT NOW. I fear the Ninja-wrath. (And, I happen to be just fine with looking playful and ridiculous in a parking lot – there are rather worse things to be.)

    I will see your grocery-cart Whee!, and raise you a skip down a city sidewalk. Back to you…

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