a couple of things that have nothing to do with Christmas and one that kinda does

It’s everywhere these days: the music at the mall, the decorated trees, the lights on the houses, the invitations to holiday parties, eggnog, sparkles, greeting cards, pageants and performances at schools, choirs on street corners, candles, holly, cookies and fudge…

…even if you love Christmas, it can be hard to get away from it.

If you love Christmas, you might not want to try.  Or, you might want a little break.  I prefer a slow ramp-up to the big event, so I try to pace myself.

For your entertainment and to provide a respite from the hustle and revelry:

I laugh EVERY time I watch this.  Don’t worry about it, I kept the receipt.  er-ee er-ee
(via Jennifer Crusie at Argh Ink)


Andy Andrews misses the one I heard more times than I can count: That’s a fire hazard. It cracks me up when he says he lets his kids choose the one they think is most appropriate. (via AllTop)


This one is unexpectedly lovely.  When I saw the first trailer for Pirate Radio (now called The Boat that Rocked – dumb title switch), I loved the energy and enthusiasm of it.  I could hardly wait to watch Philip Seymour Hoffman and Bill Nighy on a rock ‘n roll ship in the North Sea.  Now that I’ve seen this bit with the director, even more so. (via either Brene Brown or maybe Katherine Center on twitter, why can’t I remember or find the original link?)

The part that I think kinda does have to do with Christmas: Richard Curtis saying,

happiness is neither sentimental nor unrealistic

Here, here.


listening to: Smokey Robinson, Ooh Baby Baby (from the Pirate Radio soundtrack)


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