a moment of not taking Christmas too seriously

(The posts are light this week, as I’m on a writing binge.  Thank you for stopping by.)

Going to Catholic school for all but one year of twelve gave me specific perspectives on the holy days (shortened to holidays), and all holy days were taken pretty seriously before any room was made for the celebration part.

As a kid, Christmas was mostly about cookies and music and presents, Easter was a treasure hunt for candy and a new outfit “for good”.  We sat through the services, but we remember the “good parts” best.

Now, the set-up for the video:

We know that the holy days are really about peace on earth, goodwill to men. (And women, and children, and puppies, and donkeys, and octopi, and bees.  And the rest.)

That values of love, hope, faith, and charity are important to any community, and that we have to look out for each other.

Monks take additional vows of chastity, poverty, and sometimes, silence.

But that doesn’t mean they take a vow against celebration, or sense of humour. **


** Yes, I understand, these might not be monks at all, likely just folks in robes.  But it got me thinking anyway.  Go with it, please.


If we go farther down the road of not taking it too seriously,

… there is Malcom Gladwell, an economist whose writing informs and entertains, making the dreary world of economics and statistics accessible to new readers.  He also provides mocking opportunities to those who do not favour his writing style.

Malcom Gladwell explains Christmas here.


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