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Things have been quiet here at scatterbeams (the blog) because they have been not-so-quiet Chez Scatterbeams (our home).

Joyfully, noisily, musically, deliciously, celebratorily (?) so.

I will be back with a full posting schedule in the new year – Monday, Wednesday, Friday here at the word-oriented blog, and Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday at the photo blog.  I hope that is a schedule I can enjoy maintaining, with enough time for writing, sleeping, and you know – life – with all its spontaneous events.

I had several ideas for end-of-year posts: retrospectives and ‘best of’ lists for the year and the decade, goals and visions for the year ahead.

Instead I visited with my Canada-family, ate delicious goodies, lit candles in my home, played all the Christmas music I could find, took a ton of photographs, watched Christmas movies and more.

Then I remembered xkcd.

And I couldn’t think of a nicer way to welcome the new year and decade.

Happy New Year!


listening to: JoDee Messina, Delicious Surprise


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