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Elizabeth is visiting from Canada, so short posts this week.

Waiting for Elizabeth to arrive last night, I watched the Golden Globes.  I admit it: I like to see the pretty dresses, it’s fun to see which movies and TV shows are acknowledged for their best efforts, and someone usually does something wacky on live television.

This year’s event was not as playful as usual: rain poured on the red carpet, and the mood was more sombre.  People gave attention to the situation in Haiti, and were mindful of how ridiculouly fortunate their situations are in comparison.

The top red-carpet stories focused on what is being done to support relief efforts, including:

  • Sandra Bullock donated $1 million – that’s One. Million. Dollars.
  • George Clooney will host a telethon to air Friday night, Hope for Haiti
  • Olivia Wilde’s (and perhaps other’s – she is the one I heard about) dress is going to be auctioned

Other special notes from the night:

  • Mo’nique’s acceptance speech brought tears to my eyes
  • Drew Barrymore’s speech was sweet and touching
  • Meryl Streep was wonderful, classy and very down-to-earth, directing attention (and dollars) to Partners in Health
  • Robert Downey Jr’s non-thank-you speech hit just the right note of irreverance
  • Sophia Loren, see also: wow

If you didn’t see the telecast, I’m sure YouTube has the highlights.

If that doesn’t float your boat, but you still need a little happy in your day, check out this happiness machine.

And if that hasn’t put a smile on your face, then perhaps you need a moment of awe with a deceptively simple and totally delightful collection of artwork.

Check out these diorama’s in cardboard tubes (hat tip to Kim Baker at Wagging Tales).


listening to: Christina Aguilera, Beautiful


  • We also checked out some of the Golden Globes. I always go onto msn.com the next day after an awards show to check out the clothes. And to be honest, mostly to see the hideous ones so I can make fun of the “beautiful” people.

    Sammy and I fell upon a show by accident and are now watching the first season: Dead Like Me. It is quirky and makes me laugh. I highly recommend it!!

  • Catherine, I wonder. Mostly, I just loved the surprised and delighted faces on the students. Kristina says she wants that at her college.

    Dr. Kim (hey, Catherine could also be Dr. Catherine), there is a perverse pleasure in seeing fashion mistakes and wondering who let that stylist loose, and why didn’t someone TELL HER it looked like that. (names redacted) I will look for Dead Like Me – your recommendations hold weight with me, girlfriend.

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