Invisible Children Legacy Tour


  • sort through the thoughts, impressions, notes, and photographs from the New York trip
  • work with seniors who are flirting with not graduating in June
  • post first installment from SCBWI Winter Conference

Until then, there is fantastic news from Invisible Children.

Further to this post on books and literacy (and the comments at the bottom), Invisible Children has received 16 visas to bring young Ugandans to the States, young people who will tour high schools and share their stories for ten weeks.  What a time!

Visit the Invisible Children site to learn more and request a screening at your school.

Welcome, young Ugandans.


listening to: Angelique Kidjo & Peter Gabriel, Africa Calling (this is from a benefit concert – it is about 2:45 before the music starts – still fabulous)


  • To my Canadian ears, “working with seniors” sounds like talking about the war, knitting, and wheeling great aunts about the garden. Either way, have fun.

  • Apparently, you are not the only one: Tina got the same thing out of that phrasing.

    But this is the language the people around me use, so it is what I have become accustomed to for ease of understanding. I’ve not ever heard 12th grader down here. When I have said it (or something like it) people look at me as if I’ve just suggested we put tacks in our fingers.

    But as the high school seniors would be talking about a different war (or two), I think I’ll stick with helping them with their essays for English class.

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