moment of zen from the kohala coast of the big island

Our trip was – in a word – wonderful.  It still is.

The pictures are uploaded, but I haven’t done anything with them yet, as I am still catching up.  (That is apparently what I get for not taking my laptop and stepping away from the internets for a WHOLE WEEK.)

I discovered this little film among the photos.

This was an accident: I have a relatively new point-and-shoot and am unused to its tiny buttons – quite different from the SLR. I was trying to capture the peaceful moment on the beach in a still photo, but had inadvertently switched to video mode.

I’m so glad I did. This is great to have, now that we are back.

Moment of Zen – Kohala Coast in February from Jet Harrington.

It seems that WordPress doesn’t like to embed videos from Vimeo.  Please click the link to take a 30-second trip to the beach.


  • Dr. Kim, you have a deeply naughty streak. I love that about you. In this case, the beach boy would have been far more interested in Ed than in me. Oh, and on this trip, I had my first Mai Tai. Yummy.

    Leisa, I thought you might enjoy that. I have a Canon 40D, an upgrade from my much-loved Canon Rebel. The P&S is this Canon (it was simpler with software and cords to go with the same brand). I quite like it, although the resolution/quality of optics isn’t the same of course, but it is TINY and lightweight and unobtrusive. It’s nice to have both options.

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