Which will it be today: meta-writing or writing-for-reals? *w/update

Natalie Whipple wrote 315,088 words in 2009.  (She wrote about it here.)

I am so completely in awe that it hurts a little bit.  In a good way.

Also, I am inspired.

Today I am writing.  Not so much writing-about-writing, and more ACTUAL writing.

(I’ll update with my progress later.)


My hours at the coffee shop netted:

  • 1,500 new words
  • review and reworking of the outline – after the end of the first-draft-with-the-wrong-voice, it became clear that what I thought was the real story was not, in fact, the real story – the rough outline I work from had to change
  • visit with one of my favourite teenagers, who dropped by while I was working there – we talked about New York (one of her potential college cities) and my recent visit there
  • new drink experiment: Dark Cherry Mocha – definitely worth a repeat trial

I’ll go back today and hope to double the word count.

listening to: KD Lang, Hallelujah

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  • I am so impressed with your word count and can hardly wait to read some of your work. Although, I get enjoyment from reading the number of words you post to this blog. This comment brings my word count today to: wait gotta take off my shoes cuz I ran out of fingers…Damn gotta grab someone else cuz that still isn’t enough digits…ooooh look a shiny thing…..

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