getting over the urge to make the first post back breathlessly awesome

There is a very good reason that I have not written here since early April.  But I probably won’t write about that until autumn, for reasons that might not make sense to anybody else, but work for me now.

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve had the focus and energy for writing again and I’ve started several (or maybe a dozen) blog posts.  But they all felt a bit awkward.

I mean, shouldn’t I explain the absence?

Um… no.   Life carries on, full of laughter and conversation, family and friends, healing and hope.  No one has been short of reading material while I’ve been away from the blog.

Or have they?

The other night, Ed and I sat in the living room, each of us cuddled up with our laptops.  Hey – stop that.  At least we weren’t watching The Bachelorette.

With a satisfied grin and a nudge of his hand, he closed his computer.  (A MacBook Pro makes such a satisfying click, doesn’t it? I don’t want one – at all – but I can appreciate those details still.)

“I’m all done.  I finished the internet,” he said.

“Hmm…” I said, “I guess you’ll have to wait until they make more.”

And with that, it was bed time.


I’m back in the writing saddle, so I hope you’ll return here.  Upcoming posts include:

  • Casey & Mike’s wedding in Vancouver or How I Made a Complete Spectacle of Myself (without Alcohol)
  • a letter to my 20-year-old-self
  • the connection between a waterlogged kayak paddle on Lake Washington and Dragon Boats in Hong Kong
  • a 30-pound revelation
  • more pictures from New York.

Here’s a little something to enjoy until then.


  • I am very excited for the letter to your 20 year old self.
    and for the record i don’t think you ‘made a spectacle of yourself’ and i wonder if there is some unkind self-talk about to emerge, which i would like to state, i do not support.
    i love you

  • BSN: I am also excited for that letter and having fun writing it. Not to worry, I think that you will find the wedding story much kinder than you might think. Healing is slow, but the writing is helping.

    Kim: Thank you for the welcome back. It was a long dry spell. Walkies?

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