• Look—we have had this discussion before—I thought I was quite clear in regards to this issue, however, I see you persist to ignore my demands. I am thus once again sending you a decease and desist order that you NOT publish pictures of me before my first cup of coffee without my prior approval. Beware—you have been warned for the final time!!!

  • Bwahahahahaha!

    (Joke totally NOT ruined, because I read past the “error” and laughed out loud enough to startle muttley.)

    I am afraid. Very afraid. However, I will not cow to your threats. I will cleave to the protections of the whatever-amendment-it-is^ that grants freedom to the press and freedom of expression and freedom to photograph dinosaurs and whatever other freedoms will protect me from your pre-coffee wrath.

    *reaches out with steaming cup of java*

    There… isn’t that better?

    ^Hey, I wasn’t born here, didn’t study it in school. I could look it up, but I’m lazy.

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